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    ”They’re very different, in a Yin-Yang way: Chris is a quiet, self-effacing craftsman who goes about his business of perfecting the almost lost art of extremely subtle acting for the camera — he’s aware, I think, of how a tiny shift of the planes of his face convey his thoughts and emotions; Darren is cheerfully and robustly conquering the world with a tireless energy for the many things heaped on his plate all at once.” - Brad Ellis

It’s because they are wired differently. A brief study of energy profiles/personality types makes it easy to see, and also shows how they compliment and balance each other (on screen or off…believe what you like).

Chris is dominated by Earth. He is careful, analytical, and a perfectionist (watch how he dances, his footwork is impeccable and he is always precise on the beat). He relates to the world intellectually, he draws connections (like writing a “what happened behind the fairy tale” book series). His world is black and white in that he knows what he wants and doesn’t back down. He works incredibly hard because he never cuts himself slack. (He doesn’t cut anyone else slack either). He likes to call his own shots and be in control. (He has said so himself, and it always seems to surprise people…I don’t know why though because it is very much in keeping with an Earth type.)  Part of that control is not letting very many people get very close, and a strong protectiveness of the few people that he does let in. He gets irritated with people who try to tell him who he is or what he wants or what he’s doing. He doesn’t play social games just to please someone else (although he gets a big kick out of playing games or pranks on others, because it puts him in control and/or makes him the smartest guy in the room and he loves that). He is unapologetically himself. The media and fans are lucky that he’s an incredibly nice guy because if he weren’t he has the ability to shoot scathing retorts at absolutely everybody who is rude to him (He’s mentioned a couple of pretty sassy ones from high school, and don’t think for a second that Struck By Lightning wasn’t cathartic to write!). Kurt is much softer. Chris has said that he doesn’t think Kurt would like Chris, and I agree.

Darren is dominated by Air.These are both extremely high energy types, and anyone who has watched Darren in an interview or performance knows that he can’t sit still for a second. Even when he’s playing the piano he shifts in his seat and moves his head and shoulders a lot. Airs are fast, mentally and emotionally, and they are prone to moving through both ideas and emotions at a rapid pace. Darren is also very smart, though sometimes it comes out in different ways. He is very articulate—and usually fast on his feet. Of course sometimes he’s too fast for his own good and says something HE wants to say rather than what he was officially supposed to say. His mind is full of a million ideas and plans and dreams and he gets bored without variety—look at the huge variation among the songs he’s written, how many languages he’s studied, or how many different careers he has dabbled in (songwriting, composing, musician, screen acting, stage acting…). Remember when Darren said that in college he “majored in awesome and fun”? Or how he always wears bright wild socks or hot pink sunglasses (even with a tuxedo)? Remember the afro?! Or when he said that he’d like the world to be pink because then mean people wouldn’t look so mean? Or when he said that his spirit animal was a dolphin because they play all day instead of having jobs and working? He doesn’t have a problem with being perceived as weird or goofy, because it’s all fun to him. Hey Darren, your Air is showing!

I think they both have a secondary of Fire. Fire likes to jump in and get things done and just go go go (remember how they both talk about how they rarely sleep? Chris’ comments about focusing in on his writing and forgetting to eat or sleep for hours or days? Or Darren’s co-workers saying how he routinely seems to get by on just a few hours of sleep?) In addition to liking to be active, they both like to get reactions out of others. There’s a great analysis of the Brain Busters bit that shows Darren doing goofy things just to get the reaction from Chris (and shows him looking so pleased with himself when he gets it). Chris has perfected reaction-getting too, though he takes a more subtle approach (just try and say he didn’t know exactly what he was doing in that clip!) And all the CC-shippers have no hesitation in pointing out the many clever hints that they both like to drop in interviews and social media. (Chris especially: control + showing his smarts + getting reactions!)

Together yes they have a yin-yang or opposites attract dynamic, but it’s more than that. It’s actually interesting that Brad chose the phrase “yin yang” because that concept refers to two things that are very different but are also totally complimentary. They balance each other. Chris is a very serious guy, and what is Darren’s favorite thing to do? Get him to laugh. And he does, a LOT. Remember the tour contest they had? Chris said he wanted to get Darren to “mess up” and Darren said he wanted to get Chris to “crack up.” Chris focuses on the perfection (of staying in character), Darren is thinking about the humor. Even though essentially they were doing the same things, their motivations were different. On the other hand, Darren can be a bit of a doofus (loveable, but still a doofus), and Chris has a very stabilizing effect on him (I refer you to his performances in AVPM and AVPS compared to AVPSY—it’s not just getting a couple of years older.)

In any case, hopefully that was interesting to somebody besides just me. :)

a strong protectiveness of the few people that he does let in (Chris)

Of course sometimes he’s too fast for his own good and says something HE wants to say rather than what he was officially supposed to say (Darren)


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